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Happiness is Learning to Swim

Effective Swimming Lessons in Singapore

If you want to learn to become a better swimmer, you have come to the right place! Our full range of swimming lessons will teach you not only how to be more confident in the water, but actually how to swim, both for fun and for safety. It’s time to abandon swimming coaches that can’t deliver the results that you need and start working with a swimming coach that will create a program that meets the needs of you or your child.

Whether your weekly schedule is too busy to learn on any other day than Saturday or Sunday, or you simply prefer a more individualized approach, our classes are perfect for you. While time slots are subject to availability by our coaches, we are sure to be able to find a slot that works for your schedule.

Singapore Swimming Lessons for Beginners

We know how busy your life is. If you have been avoiding learning to swim or getting your children to swim lessons because you could not find lessons that meshed with your schedule, you have found the right lessons for you. Our sessions are on the weekend, with both morning and evening time slots, to fit every schedule. We utilize a 60 min schedule to ensure that you learn everything you need to learn, as quickly as possible.

Swimming is a great sport: it builds muscle tone, burns fat, improves your lungs, and much, much more. Learning to swim can help keep you in great shape, and it can be fun, too! You’ll be swimming like a fish in no time, loving how much fun it is to glide through the water. This is the perfect way to learn a new skill and relax after a long week of work.

What You Learn in Swimming Class


The correct way to swim


Simple freestyle and breaststroke strokes


Proper breathing technique


Confidence in water



We believe in being honest, upholding integrity, and fostering candor in all of our exchanges. We know that learning to swim can be difficult, so we do not tolerate corner-cutting or deception.



You will find no more competent swimming instructors in Singapore. With years of training and teaching experience, our coaches know exactly how to help you become more comfortable in the water and to teach you what you need to know to both enjoy swimming and to be safe while doing it.

Professional Standards

We adhere strictly to the highest professional standards in the swim teacher profession. We know that providing you with a great swimming lesson requires us to be continually learning and improving. We continue to develop professionally in order to adhere to the best business practices.


It is our policy to treat all people fairly. We know that prejudice is the enemy of fairness, so we ensure that all of our coaches treat their students with sensitivity and empathy, looking out for the values, feelings, interests, and above all else, well-being of others.


In order to make our students feel as comfortable as possible, we insist on the highest possible water quality in the pools that we teach in, as well as quality of the amenities and grounds around those pools.


Learning to swim should be all about safety. If you do not feel safe and you are not learning to be safe, then we are not doing our job. Safety is the underlying current to everything we do.


No one learns when a teacher becomes frustrated or yells at his students. We teach by example, finding the best learning method for each student. We don’t just teach our students—we inspire them.


Individual Attention

Smaller class size means the teacher can give each student the individual attention that student needs. This allows each student to learn to swim at his own rate, catering to the different needs and learning styles of each member of the class.

We teach swimming because we want to give the gift of safety, health, and fun to all of our students.

Our reputation is one of integrity and inspiration.


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